Five star review from Beth Olsen incredible fresh flowers!
I came to 800ROSEBIG Wholesale wedding florist in orange county, good located in Newport Beach, and have a huge retail flower shop where they sell the freshest roses flowers hydrangeas lilies arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets all at wholesale prices. I say 50% off my entire order! I’ve never seen so many flowers in my life! The staff was really friendly and Freddie the owner’s son gave me a great deal! My wedding was at my home in Santa Anna, so I was on a tight budget. I first planned on doing it myself, a DIY wedding bride. The save money my friend was going To help me, and when we came in so all the wholesale wedding packages on sale for 50% off we realized that we can afford to have our wedding done by floral designers and get a much higher quality look for the same price! Hi both them on the spot and they did amazing job. I’m thrilled with all my wedding flowers and they made my special day even more beautiful! I get a big kick out of Freddy, is really funny and I watched him on the bridal channel TV show, he said he was going to put my wedding flowers on the show in the fall season. I’m telling all my friends to watch bridal channel it’s a great funny show what lots of cool brides brides maid’s mother of the bride’s father of the bride and so many other wedding professionals! The show I watch that the store had wedding coordinators and wedding photographers being interviewed about their favorite wedding venues. Of course 800 Rose big as the top wedding florist is featured in every show because they shoot to shows at the store. As a business person not exactly in the wedding industry I was very impressed about a florist that has an arrangement with the TV show like bridal channel to promote their business and all their other friends in the wedding industry. While I was there one of the wedding invitation companies was setting up a display for the weekend. They have open houses every weekend for the brides and they always promote the neighborhood businesses. I think these guys really have a great business an overall I’m extremely satisfied and lucky that I found them!