Five-star review from Cindy Benjamin married April 15 Laguna Beach Awesome Flowers super low price!
800Rosebig really is great at first when I came in there I never thought that I could get such a big beautiful wedding for such a low price believe me they had huge candelabra arrangements they had centerpieces they had bridal bouquets they had practically every flower in the world probably a thousand different bosses I didn’t even know what to do and when I met Freddy he was so kind and caring and told me not to worry that he would take care of everything. When he asked me my budget I just told them I didn’t really have a budget but I couldn’t spend $3000 on Wedding Flowers and I wanted those big gold candelabras so he said no problem will start with using the free gift coupon free loaner of pedestal bosses or candelabras perfect I saved 600 bucks right then and there we went through the whole wedding water when I walked in there there were so many samples for all the other brides that were coming in for their review appointment that it was so easy to pick out my version of that. I knew the place was right when I first walked in because there was at least five other brides they’re working with their designers on their weddings and everything they were working on was just beautiful and perfect. I’m so happy I met Freddy at 800Rosebig Wholesale Wedding Florist in Orange County in Newport Beach and let me tell you they delivered everything perfect Superfresh and on time and I was so happy to see that Freddy was the host of the Bridal Channel television show on the Bridal Channel TV network he’s so funny you got to call him you got to meet him he’s wonderful thank you so much to Freddy and all his wonderful staff!