Great five-star review Ritz-Carlton Laguna Beach
I recently got married at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Beach a beautiful hotel. Added outdoor wedding ceremony with beautiful flowers from 800Rosebig. They came and set up everything early in the morning for my ceremony and then stayed around all day to repurpose and move everything to the reception which was nearby. Overall I would have to give these guys a 10 star review! I’ll tell you why, Freddie was just so so amazing and teaching me how to save a lot of money by repurchasing my ceremony Flowers to the reception. He really felt that getting me the lowest possible price on the Flowers allowed me to get more flowers and bigger arrangements while keeping the price down. You know the other floors we went to they all wanted to charge us a lot extra for extra pieces route the wedding and nobody talk to me about saving money by repurchasing. I think Freddy really deserves all the credit I had great Flowers the service was excellent everything was super fresh and beautiful and he just really cared about getting me a gorgeous wedding for my price range. The other floors I went to all seem pretty good but they all wanted between nine and $12,000 for my wedding and when I went to Freddie I told him my budget was $3000 we worked it all out including the repurpose thing I did spend a little bit more money the total came to 3600 but I got everything I wanted and I even was happy to pay an extra hundred dollars to have the staff stay on location throughout the day to move everything around because it did save me a lot of money with the repurpose sing. I’ve already recommended Freddy to chew up my bridesmaids they’re getting married next year one of them is getting married at the four seasons and the other ones getting married at the montage so I know Freddy’s gonna get a lot of business from his great ways of caring about Bride saving money and doing a great job for that he deserves a 10 star review what I highly recommend him.