Very nice five-star review do-it-yourself wedding from Pamela.
My wedding was on a very tight budget because my fiancé was in the military and we heard about the big military discount here at 800Rosebig. First I wanted to do it myself to save money and buy the flowers at the LA flower market but I heard so many bad things about the quality of the flowers that you get there that I really just didn’t want to have a problem with my wedding. So I read about Freddy and 800Rosebig and all these great reviews and I went and saw him I only had a budget of $300 to spend he showed me a package they had for $399 that was flexible and I can tweak it or add on at half price I didn’t need the whole package it was pretty big so I deducted a couple centerpieces and we worked it all out for $320! The flowers are beautiful and I really got everything I needed. I really recommend Friday because he does a great job there were many other brides in that day that I met most of them working on big big weddings for a lot of money but you know he took the same time to work with me for $300 wedding and all the other brides. He said that he’s been running the company for his mom for the past 40 years and that she had started the company 53 years ago he showed me all the awards they won for Wedding Florist of the year and how many great great beautiful bride had great success with this company. I really enjoyed my experience and for the first time Ireally felt comfortable here. Freddy has lots of funny stories and tells great jokes and made me laugh I want to thank him for his caring and the military discount and the great wedding flowers that they did.